Bits, Bobs, and Ephemera

Waves and wonders….

Nothing like a nice windy day at the beach! ...

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I’m back, baby!

Once the weather started heating up, more people started coming to my favourite beach. It became filled, absolutely filled, with human garbage. People can be such animals. It was a stinking vile mess. It became too depressing for me to see my favourite place like that (literally nowhere to sit where I wasn’t surrounded by … ...

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Hangin’ with my homies..

Having a hot day at the beach with my crew. 😉 ...

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Hello Ducky, My Old Friend

So, it turns out that Santa Duck is still holding his perch more than 6 months later (see one of my earlier posts!). Now a fun mini landmark, I  enjoy stopping by to say hello and I hope to be able to continue doing so in the months ahead as I wander the shore and … ...

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Nephological Drama

Did you know that the study or contemplation of clouds is called Nephology?  Based on the Greek word for cloud: nephos, Nephology is the study of clouds and cloud formation. While this branch of meteorology still exists today, the term nephology, or nephologist is rarely used. Whatever you wish to call it, I love dramatic … ...

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