With over 20 years of experience as a photo editor and product photographer, I work with photographers from all over the world to help edit their special event and wedding photos so they can keep doing what they love – taking photos!
I have been a glass artist for over 20 years, creating everything from sculptural jewellery to large decorative installation panels for home or commercial use. I am also a stilt performer, creating memorable experiences for private and corporate events all across Southern Ontario. Throughout that time I have taken all of my own photography, and developed my skills in taking vibrant and striking product and costume images. With conststant positive reviews of the photos I took of my own work, I decided to offer my skills to artists in all media and styles.
I am also an avid nature photographer, especially when it comes to small details that are often easily overlooked. I revel in the minutiae of sandy beaches and deep woodlands trails, and express my passion for the little things through my photography. My photos are currently available as art cards, tote bags, pencil cases, fitness apparel items, and I will be expanding my online offerings in the near future. You can purchase my art cards and more by clicking on this link: SHOP NOW!
For me, life is about finding your path and boldly following it wherever it may go. I love photo editing and product photography, and through that I want to help artists continue to do what they love.
My aim is to provide the highest level of work to help you successfully pursue your creative goals.
I work with any setting and scene in order to highlight and feature your designs and the uniqueness of what you do. Your high-resolution print-quality photographs will be made available for download by you online, or so they are easy to access and ready to send to galleries, media, and for use in your own promotional materials.
Now that you’ve brought your ideas to life, it’s time to show them off!
Single Event editing services start at $250, and I am happy to chat and customize any kind of editing work you need for the amazing photos that you take.
For more information, pricing, and photography schedule, just get in touch!