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New Rates

My rates and policies have changed a little! Photos are $35 each, with a minimum of 5 photos, regardless of how many (or few) photos I take, unless other arrangements have been made. Rush orders for images needed in three business days or less with include a %15 surcharge, and photography that must be completed during …

More Photos!

I have just posted some great new photos of stunning jewellery by Catherine Winter of Sailor Girl!  Check the Jewellery section for more! If you’d like to see a photo a graded backdrop, I can do those as well, and I have posted one in the Glass category too.

New Photos!

I’ve taken a great series of new photos for various artists in the last couple of months, so be sure to check out the ceramics, jewellery, and woodwork sections to see what’s new! More great images will be coming soon too, so if you need some super fine product photography of your work be sure …