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New Rates

My rates and policies have changed a little! Photos are $35 each, with a minimum of 5 photos, regardless of how many (or few) photos I take, unless other arrangements have been made. Rush orders for images needed in three business days or less with include a %15 surcharge, and photography that must be completed during …

Welcoming the New Year

Now that the One of a Kind Show is over, the holidays are fast approaching! I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and a totally awesome New Year! My schedule for photography in the coming year will be very flexible, so don’t hesitate to get in touch when you’re preparing your 2010 show applications!

Visiting Toronto!

If you’ve looked around my site, you’ve probably noticed that I’m from out of town. If you don’t have a chance to come and explore the Dundas Valley, you needn’t worry! I make frequent trips into the GTA, so I am always willing to set up dates and times to pick up and return your …